Membership Terms & Conditions

To become a member of KSCI, the following requirements are to be met.

  • 1. Full member
    • To be a Full Member, one needs to meet at least one of the three criteria below and be recommended by two existing Full Members of the association. Application for membership needs to be approved by the Steering Committee.
    • (1) Member of the faculty or an instructor at an university who has work experience as a conference interpreter
    • (2) Those with a MA or a Ph.D. degree in interpretation or translation
    • (3) Member of the faculty or an instructor at an university who is interested in interpretation and /or translation and who has been recommended by an existing Full Member of the KSCI
  • 2. Associate member
    • Students attending interpretation and translation graduate schools can join the KSCI as associate members without voting rights.
  • 3. Honorary member
    • Individuals or groups, acknowledged by the Steering Committee of the KSCI, for their significant contributions to the KSCI
      • To be a member of the association one must obtain recommendation from two existing full members and approval from the Steering Committee.
      • Members of the association must pay a membership fee. 
        Members can publish articles in the journal, published by the KSCI, and can attend seminars hosted by the association.
      • If you are interested in becoming a member of KSCI, please contact the secretary at with your name, affiliation, contact number, area of interest (interpreting, translation, both) and mailing address.